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Science jobs that aren’t research benchwork, the incomplete list



Science Writing
Scientific Journal Editor
Science Policy
Science Outreach
Science Education for Non-scientists
Teacher (high school, community/technical college, small liberal arts colleges)
Non-tenured Faculty (often involves managing multiple projects, more administrative work)
Science Program Administration (such as program recruitment, program design, providing student & career support services)
Facility Director (i.e. microscopy, flow cytometry, animal model development, sequencing, mass spectrometry, cell line development, etc centers to support university scientists)
Public Health Program Analyst
Patent Agent/Attorney
Industry Project Manager
Lab Manager
Research Center Director (i.e., managing multiple Principle Investigators and scientists with a common goal of developing therapies for a particular disease)
Clinical Diagnostician
Clinical Trials Manager/Coordinator
Medical Science Liaison
Product Sales Representative
Product Marketing
Quality Control Specialist
Regulatory Affairs Specialist (i.e. working to get new drugs approved for a company)
Regulatory Enforcement (i.e. working for the FDA for drug approval, analyzing food quality, evaluating livestock health)
Technical Support Specialist (for laboratory products)
Investment Analyst (into biotech companies)
Entrepreneur (starting your own company around a product/invention)
Medical/Science Ethicist (such as for IRB or IACUC boards)

Further information/resources
myIDP: To explore career options based on your interests and skills. Highly recommended for grad students.
Science Careers: From the publishers of Science, dedicated to all things related to building a career in science
Naturejobs Career toolkit: Advice on CVs/resumes, interviews, networking, career advancement and options

This is a great list to start with. Definitely worth looking into for those who are interested in working in science/STEM but are on-the-fence, or just don’t know what’s out there. Hopefully some of you find this useful or can even add a few things to it!

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the saga of mixed signals continues